SSD Key Successes

§  Rehabilitated and constructed 1000 No. of water supply schemes in as many primary schools in Mansehra, Battagram and Muzaffarabad.

§  Rehabilitated and constructed 100 No. of community water supply schemes in as many villages and communities in Mansehra, Battagram and Alai.

§  Formed and trained 100 village water committees regarding their role and responsibilities and repair and maintenance of water supply schemes.

§  Trained 200 officials of Public Health Engineering department and local TMAs on safe drinking water and repair and maintenance of rural water supply schemes.

§  Constructed 10000 latrines and has provided 3000 drinking water facilities in 1000 schools, 500 villages/communities and to 300,000 IDPs in camps and host communities.

§  Imparted hygiene education to 100,000 children, 1,000 schools 200,000 community members and 150,000 IDPs in 13 IDP camps.

§  Mobilized and declared 200 villages of AJK as Open defecation Free villages.

§  Provided hygiene kits to 100,000 children in schools and 20,000 IDPs in camps.

§  Rehabilitated and constructed flood affected Gravity based drinking water supply schemes in 30 villages of District Lower Dir.

§  Restored 30 villages communication system of flood affected area of District Lower Dir by street pavements, debris removal and cash for work activities benefiting more than 3000 households.

§  Formed and trainned Disaster Risk Management Committees in more than 50 villages of district Lower Dir and Nowshera.

§  Established Early Warning System in more than 50 villages of district Lower Dir and Nowshera.

§  Provided school supplies to over 1000 which include tents, reading writing material etc.

§  Formed and strengthened over 1000 SMCs regarding their role and responsibilities, school improvement and education promotion. 

Distinction of SSD among other Partners

ü  SSD has developed Sanitation strategy for the state of AJK.

ü  SSD has developed Referral System Manual for the state of AJ&K.

ü  The quality services of the organization WES intervention in camps are evident from the fact that during the period of its interventions not even a single outbreak of cholera was reported.

ü  SSD through its extensive mobilization process has declared more than 200 villages of AJK as Open Defecation Free.

ü  SSD specialized in emergency can provide quality services within the shortest possible time.

ü  SSD has a unique internal borrowing mechanism i.e. Long Term Agreements (LTAs) which helps to mobilize its own resources up to PKR 20-30 million for emergency projects

ü  To ensure the supply of clean and safe drinking water SSD has all the necessary water testing kits, chemicals and trained staff at its disposal

ü  SSD owns de-sludging machinery to clear the blocked / filled latrine and could be refused.