SSD’s Geographical Outreach


SSD has been heavily engaged in most parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, AJK and in some Districts of Balochistan.


SSD’s Governing Body


SSD has a governing body called Board of Governors seven (7) in number. The Board of Governance (BoG) meets twice a year and discusses planning of the organization for every six months.


SSD’s Management


SSD has a strong management structure in Pakistan- with field offices. The management matters of the organization are looked after by the Executive Director who is assisted by Manager Admin and Manager Finance. The organization has a standard HR policy for staff hiring and related matters.


SSD’s Financial Management


Financial management for SSD has transparent and strong, with strict financial standard operating procedures in place, excelling in all internal and external audits conducted. SSD vast donor base itself speaks for the project implementation capacity at each location, as objectives are always met on time, reports submitted to donors, and financial records updated and recorded accordingly.
The financial system of SSD is highly accountable, transparent and maintains all procedures for accounts of donors, partners and beneficiaries as per laid out procedures and guidelines of donor agencies, specially UNICEF. The accounts are audited on annual basis by reputable auditors. SSD has developed a computerized accounting system and all financial transactions are done through a standard procedure. Similarly, for logistics standard procedures are followed for all kinds of purchases/procurement.


Offices & Infrastructure


Head office of SSD is located in Peshawar while its 5 regional offices have been established in Dir, Mansehra, Abbottabad, Battagram & Muzaffarabad to fully attend to development activities in general & IDP and flood response projects needs in particular.