Our Technical Services


Largely, SSD can provide engineering services for a wide range of projects. A technical team is available to provide planning, design and implementation support in a highly professional environment. Selected areas of expertise include;

Design and construction of affordable yet appropriate buildings in earthquake-affected areas. The building units include:
Private housing
School buildings
Basic Health Units
Small hydro power stations
Design and construction of underground reservoirs, specially Ferro cement tanks
Design and construction of Rainwater harvesting units
Design and construction of Hand pumps/wells/infiltration galleries/spring capping structures
Design and construction of Water Supply pipelines, both gravity fed and pressurized
Design and construction of Water treatment works


Human and Institutional Development


SSD’s HID portfolio includes following trainings provided to a large number of staff from TMAs, developmental projects and NGOs:

Planning and design of low cost water supply schemes
Planning and design of rural sanitation projects
Design of suspension bridges and micro hydel stations
Besides SSD can provide tailor made trainings in the areas of:
Management reviews of NGOs, institutional analysis, ID/OS, all aspects of Accounting Package (AccPac) and accounting system for NGOs, development of Organizational Policies and enable NGO through technical backstopping to get Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy’s certification
Participatory planning and M&E
Participatory planning and design of infrastructure projects (such as water supply, sewerage, drainage, Solid waste management, sanitation etc)
Office automation and Computer Aided Design of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems


Studies and Surveys


SSD and its key associates are experienced in conducting a variety of surveys and studies including but not limited to:

Management reviews/institutional analysis of NGOs/CBOs
KAP Surveys
WTP surveys
Baseline socio-economic surveys
Poverty surveys
PRA needs identification/prioritization surveys
Participatory benefit monitoring and evaluation surveys
Citizen Report Card/Community Score Card
DRR, Risk, Hazard and Vulnerability Assessments
Case studies, Success Stories and documentations

To professional manage all aspects of good studies and surveys, SSD has support of qualified associates with expertise in statistics, sociology, economics, engineering and local government etc.