Rural Water Supply Schemes

SSD remained a key partner of UNICEF in the rehabilitation of rural water supply schemes in the earth quake affected districts of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and AJK. The intervention included rehabilitation and reconstruction of rural water supply schemes and capacity building and provision of tools and equipment to strengthen village water committees and TMA on repair and maintenance of water supply schemes.


Sanitation and Hygiene Education

SSD has successfully implemented UNICEF, NRC, UNOCHA, CARE International and CRS supported sanitation and hygiene education projects in both schools and communities. The intervention included provision of clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in schools as well as in communities along with an extensive hygiene promotion programme in EQ affected districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and AJK. SSD is presently providing water and sanitation facilities along with hygiene promotion activities in IDP camps in the province and Lower and upper Dir areas and in the rehabilitation of Watsan facilities in flood affected districts of KPK.


SSD has also successfully implemented UNICEF supported School led total sanitation, SLTS, projects in nearly 200 villages of AJK and currently implementing the same in another 30 villages of AJK.



SSD has successfully implemented UNICEF Welcome Back to school Initiative Education projects in earth quake affected areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and AJK. The project successfully rehabilitated 600 boys and girls schools of the above mentioned areas. The intervention included provision of missing facilities in the affected schools, increase enrolment, and capacity building of education Mangers in the areas of community participation and monitoring of schools to address basic problems of the schools and teacher absenteeism.


Child Protection

SSD with the support of UNICEF has implemented Child Birth Registration project in which children of more than 200UC were registered. SSD has also developed a referral system in coordination with UNICEF and AJK Ministry of social welfare and women development to address the key child protection issues. Moreover SSD is also working with ILO on the awareness of child Labour related and to sensitize the community and related Govt. departments to come forward and address key issues concerning child Labour in the area. SSD has also established Rehabilitation centers in various areas of Tehsil Balakot.



SSD in partnership with UNDP has implemented various livelihood projects in worst flood affected districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, i.e. District Tank and Dir Lower. SSD in partnership with UNDP through its early recovery projects restored/rehabilitated livelihood opportunities of more than 1000 families related to Agriculture, livestock and skills enhancement and support trainings.


Disaster Risk Reduction, DRR

As a consequence of global climate change the entire world in general and Pakistan in particular has witnessed the worst disasters, both natural and manmade, in the recent known history of the world. These catastrophic events not claimed hundreds of thousands of valuable lives throughout the country but also caused billions of dollars damages to livelihoods and already scarce basic public services and infrastructure.


Realizing the sensitivity of the day and keeping in view the importance of DRR, SSD in

partnership with UN and other humanitarian and development organizations launched both stand alone and DRR integrated projects in flood affected districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. All DRR projects were based on a thorough Risk and Vulnerablity Assessment Survey followed by comprehensive DRR interventions in collaboration with International Humanitarian organizatons. SSD intervened in almost all aspects of DRR i.e. Emergency, Early Recovery, Prevention, Mitigation and most importantly Preparedness to promote safer and resilient communities.


Some of the mitigation measures included construction of protection wall and bundh on the most exposed and critical places at the river banks advanced Afforestation interventions to reduce the risk of soil bank erosion.


SSD preparedness interventions comprised of establishment and strengthening of community Based Early Warning System, Formation and strengthening of community based Disaster Management Committees (DMCs), capacity Building and equipping Community Emergency and Response Teams, Developing Linkage of the DMCs with the concerned local disaster mismanagement authorities, line agencies and DRR forums, Initiation of DRR co-curricular activities in schools, conducting DRR related mock drills and mass awareness on DRR through radio programs, celebration of International days, awareness walks and regular community sessions.


Apart from the above and to further complement the DRR Initiatives, SSD Launched its vocational and skill development interventions to diversify the livelihood sources of the high risk communities and to decrease the economic vulnerabilities of the communities. The skill development intervention included carpentry, electrician, welding and plumbing trades for male and for female sewing and cutting, tailoring and embroidery.


Capacity Building and Social Mobilization

SSD’s hardware component is supported by an extensive capacity building and social

mobilization process, which include formation and strengthening of community organizations, door-to-door mobilization, awareness trainings and sessions, radio programmes, seminar, walks etc.


Studies and Surveys

SSD and its key associates are experienced in conducting a variety of surveys and studies including but not limited to:


·        Management reviews/institutional analysis of NGOs/CBOs

·        DRR Risk and Vulnerablity Assessment Survey

·        KAP Surveys

·        WTP surveys

·        Public Opnion Survey

·        Baseline Socio-economic Surveys

·        Poverty Surveys

·        Village Profiling and Livelihood Survey

·        PRA needs identification/prioritization Surveys

·        Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Surveys

·        Community Score Card/Citizen Report Card


·        Research, Case studies and documentations